ProSeries Foot Cycle 1412

med-img-1412_SandardwebPROSERIES 1412

Price: $1249.00

Leg Length: 21-26 in.
Arm Length: 14-22 in.
Height: 36-42 in.
Max weight: 125 lbs.

The ProSeries 1412 has a fixed drive that helps children who might otherwise have problems making a full pedal rotation. The foot crank is constantly in motion for full therapeutic effect. Coasting is not possible with a fixed drive; when limb motion stops, the bike does as well. ProSeries 1412 can be adapted with a wide variety of seating options and accessories—helping rider feel safe and secure. Available in Amtryke red. Assembly required.

12 inch front and rear wheels with pneumatic tires; Rolled steel frame features hand-ratcheting levers which allow the sliding seat post to move closer or further from the front to accommodate a variety of rider sizes; Seating removes from frame for easy transport; Low center of gravity provides added stability; Fixed drive helps children make a full pedal rotation; Quick-release cam levers for easy handlebar adjustment; Safety steering limiter pin for three graduated steering options: straight, 20-degrees left/right, free steering; Self-righting pedals with footplate, heel trap and straps over instep and toe; Saddle seat with lap strap and 1600 simple seat back with chest strap; Four-way adjustable seating: up/down and forward/back; Loading brake for easy rider transfer; Steel wire basket; Safety helmet

Alternate Seating: 1400 ProSeries Seatback System $159.00
Alternate Seating: Gray Bucket Seat $95.00
Alternate Seating System: Snappy Seat System $136.00
XL Seat Back $14.00, Notched Seat Bottom Cushion $12.00, Wide Notched Seat Bottom Cushion $14.00, Separator Cube $24.00, Head rest $55.00, Laterals $32.00 (Small or Medium)

Optional Accessories:
Bench Seat $26.00, Pommel Saddle Seat $30.00(Medium or Large), Skinny Saddle Seat $12.00, Full Padded Back $49.00, Head Rest $55.00, Lumbar Pad $32.00, Toe Pedal Leveler Pulley $15.00, H-Harness $24.00 (8″ or 11.5″), Wrist Wraps $10.00, Wrist Brace Holding Mitts $22.00 (Right or Left), Rear Steering Kit $130.00, Exercise Pedals $16.00, Foot Cups (Small $45.00 or Medium $52.50), Pedal Block $2.75, Push Bar $22.00, Hi Rise Handlebars $24.00, Heavy Duty Push Bar $22.00, Pull Steering Bar $24.00, Knee Separator $29.00 (2″or 5″), Knee Adductor Positioning Strap $10.00, Extender Tube $5.00.