GirlDadWheeParents tell us all the time how our trykes have improved their kid’s life. It’s not just the obvious benefits of exercise but also a sense of empowerment, self-reliance and freedom.

The vast majority of kids that cannot ride a bike or tryke from a regular retailer CAN ride one of ours.

Most of our bikes employ a fixed drive which doesn’t allow coasting so whenever the tryke is in motion, the pedals are in motion for full therapeutic effect. It also works on a mechanical level to help a child make a full pedal rotation.

Superhero-RecipientWe make trykes that can be peddled with just the hands and others that are pedaled using both hands and feet. Our unique trykes are designed to accommodate riders of all ages and physical and/or developmental challenges.

It all adds up to great exercise, the opportunity to be outdoors and just plain fun.