Foot Cycle -1410

med-img-1410-without-steer1410 Foot Tryke

Price: $740

Leg Length: 14-21 in.
Arm Length: 7-20 in.
Height: 26-40 in.
Max weight: 175 lbs.

This new early intervention foot tryke has increased functionality. Features include: Increased sizing to accommodate smaller and larger riders, more stable platform, rear steering kit option.

Optional Rear Steering Kit – Rear steering kit provides caregivers with full control over pushing and steering the tryke from the rear of the tryke. Push bar is installed on the rear of the tryke with a steering rod along the frame that attaches to the front wheel.

Alternate Seating System: Snappy Seat 
Snappy Seat System $136.00, XL Seat Back $14.00, Notched Seat Bottom Cushion $12.00, Wide Notched Seat Bottom Cushion $14.00, Separator Cube $24.00, Head rest $55.00, Laterals $32.00 (Small or Medium)

Rear Steering Kit $85.00, Wrist Wraps $10.00, Wrist Brace Holding Mitts $22.00 (Right or Left), Foot Cups (Small $45.00 or Medium $52.50), Pedal Block $2.75, Knee Adductor Positioning Strap $10.00, Push Bar $22.00, Pull Steering Bar $24.00, Heavy Duty Push Bar $22.00.