Birmingham AMBUCS


For Riders of All Ages

At Birmingham AMBUCS, we are passionate about helping riders of all ages obtain AmTrykes that are designed to accommodate individuals with a variety of physical and/or developmental challenges.

Everyone should be able to enjoy the freedom of riding and we are committed to doing what we can help to turn that dream into a reality.

Therapeutic Benefits

AmTrykes have a variety of benefits including improving motor skills, developing strength, and increasing self-esteem.

Parents tell us all the time how our trykes have improved their kid’s life. It’s not just the obvious benefits of exercise but also a sense of empowerment, self-reliance and freedom.

Types of AmTrykes

We make AmTrykes that can be pedaled with just the hands and others that are pedaled using both hands and feet.

Our unique AmTrykes are designed to accommodate riders of all ages and physical and/or developmental challenges.


More About The Process

When a family/child is identified and measured by a physical therapist, all application and measurement forms are sent to us at Birmingham AMBUCS.

If AMBUCS has funds available, we call the national office and order a custom AmTryke. If no funds are available at the time, we place them on the waiting list and wait until a donation comes in to start the process.

Once National AMBUCS has a AmTryke ready, it is sent to Bayliss Machine and Welding Company, who volunteers their time to assemble the AmTryke. When completed, we drive to their shop and pick up the AmTryke. We then contact the family and therapist to schedule a time and place to meet and get AmTyke fitted properly. Sometimes a family will come to the office and sometimes we deliver the AmTrykes to the therapist’s office.

Important Note: Before a rider is placed on the Wish List, they are required to fill out all documents below. They must be printed, filled out, and emailed to Birmingham AMBUCS.

Step 1: Application Form

The first step in the process is to fill out an  application form with the help and guidance of a physical therapist. Then, have the therapist measure and fill out forms concerning the fitting of the AmTryke. Then, send the application to AMBUCS with a $100 required donation.

Step 2: Assessment Form

The second step is you will have your therapist complete the assessment form. This form includes the details needed to customize your AmTryke. Additionally, the form includes information needed to ship or deliver your AmTryke to the right place once it arrives.

Step 3: AmTryke Selection Form

The third step is to have your therapist complete the AmTryke selection form. You can also refer to the AmTryke sizing chart. Once all three forms are completed, you will submit them all to Birmingham AMBUCS via email or traditional mail. Learn more on the Request Process page.