Birmingham AMBUCS

Request Process

Steps to Receive an AmTryke

  1. Determine a need by working with a physical therapist.
  2. Fill out the application form (see below) with the help and guidance of a physical therapist.
  3. Have therapist measure and fill out forms concerning the fitting of the AmTryke.
  4. Send application to AMBUCS with a $100 donation.
  5. AMBUCS will review and then order AmTryke, if we have funds available, from national headquarters in North Carolina. If funds are not available, we will keep the application on a waiting list until funds become available. We operate based on donations and fundraisers to be able to provide the AmTrykes.
  6. If a family can pay the full amount, an AmTryke will be ordered as soon as the application and funds are received and reviewed.
  7. Many families at ours and other chapters have their own fundraisers to be able to purchase the AmTrykes. We have heard of sporting events giving part of gate money to a specific family, Facebook donation requests for your child within your friend group, neighborhood sales, etc.  If you have any ideas, we would love to share them as well.
  8. Once an AmTryke is ordered, it is manufactured and then shipped to Bayliss Machine and Welding Company (one of our supporters) and assembled.
  9. Once an AmTryke is completed, we go and pick up AmTryke and bring it to Birmingham AMBUCS office.
  10. Once here, we contact the family and the therapist and arrange how to get therapist and child together to make sure AmTryke fits properly. After the therapist deems that the AmTryke is safe and ready, the family is given the AmTryke. If the family has the ability to help financially, we appreciate a donation to help fund an AmTryke for another family in need. We believe in the “Pay it Forward” model.
  11. If after two years a child has outgrown or advanced to another level of AmTryke, then they may bring back existing AmTryke and order a new one, going through the same steps as above.

Important Note: Before a rider is placed on the Wish List, they are required to fill out all documents below. They must be printed, filled out, and emailed to Birmingham AMBUCS.

Step 1: Application Form

The first step in the process is to fill out an  application form with the help and guidance of a physical therapist. Then, have the therapist measure and fill out forms concerning the fitting of the AmTryke. Then, send the application to AMBUCS with a $100 required donation.

Step 2: Assessment Form

The second step is you will have your therapist complete the assessment form. This form includes the details needed to customize your AmTryke. Additionally, the form includes information needed to ship or deliver your AmTryke to the right place once it arrives.

Step 3: AmTryke Selection Form

The third step is to have your therapist complete the AmTryke selection form. You can also refer to the AmTryke sizing chart. Once all three forms are completed, you will submit them all to Birmingham AMBUCS via email or traditional mail. Learn more on the Request Process page.